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  1. Home Inspections $295
    Tiffindale Certified Luxury Home Inspection Specialists understand the needs of buyers, sellers and home shoppers in the Southern Utah area. We supply Honest Reporting and work closely with agents to help find the buy and sell-points of the home you're looking at.
  2. Land & Commercial
    Tiffindale Commercial Property Inspections help you understand the present condition of the property your company is interested in. Before you negotiate the final price, Let Tiffindale give you the intellectual edge with a property inspection done right!
  3. Equipment $195
    Buying second-hand Industrial Equipment can be quite a chore. Having a trained and seasoned second set of eyes to give you a closer look with an equipment inspection is simply a dream come true. We'll help get informed before you put your funds on the line.

No Milage Fees.
No Hidden Charges
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Tiffindale "Buyers Advantage and Sellers Advantage Walk-along Inspections starting at just $100
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We Perform House Inspections in All these areas with No milage fees. You save big with Tiffindale!


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Tiffindale Home Inspections
Hiring the wrong Home Inspection company can "Stigmatize" your home making it much harder to sell.
Talk to Tiffindale Luxury Home Ispections First!
Buying or Selling a home can be stressful enough. But for those people who have made the error of hiring the wrong inspection company, the simple act of wanting to see the condition of your home or potential home, can potentially damage your ability to buy or sell it.
Many "home inspection companies", including those in the industry for years, do not have a sound understanding of the home buyer's and sellers need's. Poorly experienced inspectors can end up unintentionally "STIGMATIZING" a home and rendering it far harder for you to buy or sell it.
Tiffindale Certified Home Inspection Professionals understand our clients needs.
We provide yearly seasonal complete inspections for just $100...
And for Buyer-Agents, we offer the Tiffindale Buyers Advantage "Walk-along Inspections" starting at just $200 per day. For home buyers, We provide you with the necessary information that the buyer needs to quickly weed-out problematic houses, in order to find the home they're looking for.
Tiffindale Sellers Advantage inspections start at just $100 and come with the verbal information needed to make good improvements which will help their sales transaction run smoothly.
We simply supply sellers with the information so that they can do the improvements they want to do to get their homes ready for sale. At the same time we help you understand your home or potential home in a way you may have never seen it before.
Find those ever-important details that add value to your home.
 Learn what to look for when shopping for your next home.
Tiffindale Home Inspection Specialists are your home selling and home buying partners, helping you get a non-emotional view of any home you're interested in.

We Specialize in Home Inspections and Property Inspections for Foundations, House Inspections for Moisture Intrusion, Mold Prevention, And oue hous inspectors  are Highly Qualified in All Roof Inspections from the basic asphalt compositions to the Premium Slate and Masonry types.

Thank You Tiffindale!  Knowing the details of the home I purchased prior to the final negotiations saved me thousands of dollars on the final cost and better prepared me for the planned renovations I was already intending! I can highly recommend having the Tiffindale Company do a home inspection before you buy!
Antonio W, Hurricane Utah USA
Commercial Real Estate Inspections
Home Real Estate Inspections
Whether your spending $20K of $20 million on a commercial purchase, having a Tiffindale certified inspection provides you with a detailed Commercial Inspection or Land Inspection report about that property, may infact be one of the most cost effective decisions you could have ever made. 
Buying a home can be a very emotional and exciting decision. Having a Tiffindale certified inspector provide you with an unbiased Home Inspection or Property Inspection  report could show you the important details you may have never discovered until after the purchase was complete.  Tiffindale works on your side to help you find those important details so that you can make the best decision possible.
Our inspections are on time and we'll inspect as many houses as youd like.
Ask about our Tiffindale  multi-inspection-discounts for house-shopping!
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