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With over 25 years in the Inspections industry, performing detailed inspections since 1989, the Tiffindale Home Inspection, Land Inspection, Commercial Inspection, and Property Inspection team will provide you with the added information to help you to make intelligent decisions on your property purchases and or sales.
Tiffindale inspectors offer a variety of services, such as project and contractor oversight, new construction-phase inspections, final walk-through inspections, one-year builder warranty home inspections, annual inspections for home and commercial property owners, investor consulting, pre-listing and sellerproperty inspections, foreclosure inspections, insurance inspections, and general home inspections.

Tiffindale's inspection team represents the finest in quality and dedication within the Real Estate and Euipment Inspection Industry.

Our #1 goal is to provide our customers with the data and intelligence they need, in order to help facilitate well founded decisions before they make a Real Estate or Heavy Equipment aqusition decision.

Tiffindalehome inspectors take the time to evaluate the many important yet easily overlooked details a homeowner will want and need to understand prior to making a final purchase decision. And a Tiffindale Real Estate Inspection Report can also help to eveluate where to begin on renovations of existing structures.

Each Tiffindale Report will include:

1) Photos of important features of a home

2) Photos of problematic areas

3) Description of noted problem

4) Documentations of items which are hazards

5) Notations of items which may need specialized evaluation from contractors or repair personnel.

Our job is to help our clients discover the finer details of their potential aquisitions, whether good or bad, so that can have the peace of mind having made the most educated decision possible.

We take the time to caefully inspect, document and report detail in the most accurate way and using the most moden tools available.
With so much at stake, why would anyone make a  decision to purchase or sell their property  without the benefit of a trained and certified second set of eyes?

Tiffindale's certified  inspectors can provide you the comfort and assurance you want before you move forward on any important Real Estate or Heavy Equipment purchase. And can help you identify and discover key features which may help you sell property at its full potential value.

We'll provide you with our detailed report complete with photos and notations of important details specifically relaited to the property you are interested in.
Tiffindale Real Estate & Equipment Inspections... Why Settle For Less?
"We Specialize in Home Inspections so that you can enjoy the peace of mind that you made the right decision!"
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" Understanding the complex systems of Your Home is what we do!  Let us help you get a better picture of things before you sell and again, when you're ready to buy  your next home!"

" Does the Home you want have hidden secrets? Let us help you discover them before you buy or sell."

"We can help you discover those finer details that make the house you want to buy or sell, even more interesting and valuable."

The Tiffindale View...
Let the Tiffindale Team give you "The Inside View" of the home, commercial building, land, and or equipment that you're thinking of buying before you make your final offer.
And if you're thinking about selling your home, property, or equipment, the Tifindale Team can help you find problems before your buyer does, saving you the headaches of endless delays from unforseen last minute pre-sell repairs

The Tiffindale Team is on your side!

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