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The ONLY Inspection Company in Southern Utah to include a "Home Biography Photo Session" With Every Full Home Inspection.
Tiffindale inspectors offer a variety of services, such as project and contractor oversight, new construction-phase inspections, final walk-through inspections, one-year builder warranty inspections, annual inspections for home and commercial property owners, investor consulting, pre-listing and seller inspections, foreclosure inspections, insurance inspections, and general home inspections.
  1. $295
    Home Inspection
    Home Inspection
    • Homes up to 2000 Square Feet $295 • 2001 – 2500 Square Feet $345 • 2501 – 3000 Square Feet $360 • 3001 – 3500 Square Feet $375 • 3501 – 4000 Square Feet $390 • 4001 – 5000 Square Feet $450 • 5001-11,000 Square Feet $500-1000 Ask for Realtor discounts!
  2. $285
    Condo Inspections
    Condo Inspections
    Condo Inspections: up to 2000 SF are only $285 • 2001 – 2500 Square Feet $335 • 2501 – 3000 Square Feet $350 • 3001 – 3500 Square Feet $365 • 3501 – 4000 Square Feet $380
  3. $490
    Ranch & Land Combo Inspection
    Ranch & Land Combo Inspection
    Ranch properties Having both land and a home, start in at just $490 for up to 10 acres plus 1 home up to 2,000sf...and just $50 additional/1000SF. Acreage above 10 Acres is just $100 per additional 10 acres of size. (discounts apply for exceptionally large estates, Call for a quote) This inspection includes a complete home inspection and a complete land inspection.
  4. $195
    Property/Land Inspection
    Property/Land Inspection
    Land Inspections begin at $195 for 1 to 5 acres, $250 for 6 to 10 acres and just $350 for 11 to 20 Acres. Land/Property Inspections are designed to identify Hazards, Drainage issues, Identify locatable survey markers, Identify signs of contamination or other safety issues which are important for family safety. This report includes substantial photographic documentation and a report.
  5. $195
    Industrial Equipment
    Industrial Equipment
    Is the seller including a Farm Tractor, Backhoe, Dump-truck, or other sizable piece of equipment? Or...Are you including one with your property? Our professionally trained staff have passed ASE MASTER Certifications, and can provide a highly comprehensive safety and operational inspection on your equipment, and can show market value estimates based upon current sales data to showing you just how much additional value that piece of machinery can add to the property you're selling or interested in buying.
  6. Call For A Quote
    Commercial Property Inspection
    Commercial Property Inspection
    Call for a custom quote for your commercial building or site inspection pricing.

And, Don't worry...We don't charge milage fees!..And ask us about our discounts when you call!

Additional Property Inspection Options:

Not on this list? Give us a call for Custom Inspection Options!

Additional Inspection Services & Pricing may be available for your Home Inspection...Call for bundled discounts not seen here.
         Radon Test with Inspection $90
         Radon Test without Inspection $195
         Mold & Air Quality Testing (3 tests) $250
         Additional Mold & Air Quality Test $75

Add Infrared Inspections $100
Pool and Spa $100
Pool $70
Spa $45
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